Amiea Pigment -Umbra 10ml


Amiea Pigment -Umbra 10ml

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Umbra features a neutral dark brown hue, carefully formulated to blend seamlessly with dark-brown to black hair, enhancing its natural allure. Its adaptability in hairstroke and shading applications makes it a vital choice for eyebrow pigmentation, providing a natural and well-defined finish.

Application area: Eyebrow shading, Eyebrow hairstrokes

Temperature: Neutral

Skin tone: Cool, Neutral, Warm

Volume: 10 ml

Compared to other pigments, amiea Evolutionline pigment colors guarantee long-lasting and stable results even after healing. Unlike the organic pigments, these ones are suitable for beginners as the chances of pigment migration under the skin are minimal, even if working too deep. All amiea Evolutionline pigments are REACH compliant.
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