Acrylic Tissue Box


Acrylic Tissue Box

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  • SUITABLE SIZE AND STORAGE: Designed as 24.99 x 12.75x 8.99 cm, the Rectangle tissue box holder holds a regular size box of tissue without being too crowded. So, you can fill it tissues, napkin, dryer sheets, masks, paper towels, hand towels.
  • ELEGANT AND LIGHTWEIGHT CASE: They definitely add a touch of elegance to any room.  Suitable for carrying, only 0.36 kg.
  • PERFECT FOR KEEPING TISSUES DRY: The tissue box can effectively prevent the tissues and napkins from getting soaked.
  • CLEAR BOX TO SHOW NAPKINS: You can see if tissues are used up and when they are getting low by its transparent appearance. In addition, it looks clean, sleek and it can blend in on surrounding, to make your room colors look brighter and better.
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