Kwadron 9 SEMLT 0.25

Each surgical stainless steel needle configuration is consistently produced using razor-sharp, flexible needles, grouped together with the highest precision. 304 Stainless steel needles are precisely sharpened to the finest taper through multiple exacting processes. The outer casing is produced with medical-grade plastic which greatly reduces the friction between the needle grouping and the tip along with a unique needle stabilizing system that ensures optimal performance. Each cartridge includes a full safety membrane system that prevents the backflow of ink/blood into your machine and cross contamination. It is also EO Gas Sterilized to ensure the utmost hygienic and safe practice.

All needles are flexible yet sharp and strong, allowing you to tattoo perfect crisp lines and soft shading with minimum trauma. Deposit is quick and direct, reducing trauma to the skin when it counts. You’ll notice superior sharpness that never dulls and easily deposit into the skin, regardless of the skin type. It’s no wonder they are a favorite among tattoo artists.

Written by Tina Davies

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Weight 0.00001 kg
Dimensions 0.00001 × 0.00001 × 0.00001 cm

0,25 7 Magnum Single (1), 0,25 7 Magnum Box (20), 0,25 7 SEMLT Single (1), 0,25 7 SEMLT Box (20), 0,25 9 SEMLT Single (1), 0,25 9 SEMT Box (20)

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